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What is the difference between SSL certificate renewal activation and re-purchase?

Nowadays, it is more common for our website projects to use SSL certificates. Did we find a problem that although the SSL certificate can be purchased for several years at a time when placing an order, it needs to be reactivated every year, or the SSL certificate we purchased needs to be reactivated after the annual payment expires for renewal. What is the difference between renewing this SSL certificate and repurchasing it?

First, the price is different

According to the price cost of the merchant’s design product, if we buy a multi-year SSL certificate at one time, the cost is lower than the average annual cost. If you buy new every year, the cost is relatively high. Therefore, we are generally encouraged to purchase for many years at one time, so that the average annual cost is lower.

Second, the activation method

Whether our SSL certificate is renewed or re-purchased. All need to be reactivated every year. According to the SSL certificate issuance channel, most of them need to be re-validated once a year for activation. It is not possible to purchase SSL certificates for several years at a time. Of course, some free SSL certificates are auto-renewable. If we choose a paid SSL certificate, we need to activate it again when it expires every year or when it can be repurchased. The methods of repurchase and renewal are similar, similar to repurchase.

In short, no matter whether our SSL certificate is renewed or re-purchased, activation verification is required. When we choose, we consider whether it is convenient or low cost.

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