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Are there forever free web server providers? Considerations when choosing a free server

Is there a forever free web server? Here I met a netizen asking this question. Because considering the cost of operating and maintaining servers, if there are cloud server vendors providing free servers, it can indeed save costs. The cloud service providers we generally see are qualified to provide free experience for a certain short period. For example, Google Cloud provides a free three-month experience. Generally speaking, most of the products that are permanently free are unreliable. We need to know that most businesses still rely on fees to survive. If you are permanently free, how can they survive.

If we are really looking for a permanent free website server provider, here is the recommended free server product from Amazon Cloud. For new customers, there is a specific cloud server package for free for 12 months, which we can open after registering an account. It includes 750 hours of t2.micro or t3.micro instance usage time per month. After registering an Amazon Cloud Technology (International) account, you can open a free package and deploy services as needed.

Points to note when applying for an Amazon cloud free server account:

1. New customers only

Only for new customers to register on the Amazon Cloud International website for the first time. At present, the Amazon cloud international website still supports new customer registration and activation verification to apply for free servers, databases, object storage, etc. There are hundreds of free trial cloud product qualifications. The cloud server is limited to 12 months, and some cloud products support permanent free, such as S3 object storage, which I also use for private storage.

2. Free duration

Different Amazon cloud products have different free experience periods. For example, the server provides a specific package and is free for 12 months. Some are free for a month or a different amount of time. We need to experience different free product qualifications according to different products. If the free part is exceeded, then a fee will be deducted.

In short, for our users who choose a stable cloud server support project, the free experience cannot be used as a permanent method. If a merchant thinks it is still working well during the free trial period, in fact, we need and can pay for renewal support. , which can ensure the stability of our project and the continuous stability of the merchant.

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