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Reasons and solutions for putty connection timeout

Putty, a commonly used cloud server SSH connection tool, but have we ever encountered Putty SSH tool often times out when connecting to the server? What exactly is causing this problem?

1. The server is unstable

If our server is unstable and the network is unstable, it may cause PUTTY to disconnect from the server after a period of time.

2. No response for a long time

After we connect to the server via PUTTY SSH, it may not respond for a long time, which may lead to disconnection. This is also a safe response mode of the software.

Here, we can find Connection –> Seconds between keepalives in Putty and change the value from the default 0 to 60. In this way, packages can be automatically sent every 60 seconds to avoid the problem of Putty automatically disconnecting after a few minutes of inactivity.

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