Nowadays, many of our friends should no longer worry about whether websites and businesses use SSL certificates to achieve HTTPS encrypted access, because most of us currently need to use SSL certificates, otherwise many browsers and devices do not support it. Then I am confused about which one to use, free SSL or paid SSL.

In fact, for our ordinary personal website business, there is no problem in using a free SSL certificate. After all, we only need to implement the browser HTTPS format. But if we are a commercial project, the security of using a paid SSL certificate is definitely better than the free one, and it can improve the security of business users.

Specifically, we summarize the differences between free and paid SSL certificates as follows:

1. Credibility of the issuing authority (Certificate Authority, CA):

Free SSL certificates are typically issued by less-recognized issuers (such as Let’s Encrypt), while premium SSL certificates are usually issued by well-known commercial issuers (such as DigiCert, Symantec). Certificates from commercial CAs are generally widely accepted and trusted, while free certificates may require additional configuration or verification in some cases.

2. Certificate type and function:

Premium SSL certificates typically offer more certificate types and feature options to meet different needs. For example, premium certificates can include Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) or Organization Validation Certificates (OV SSL), which display more detailed information in the browser address bar and enhance user trust. In addition, premium SSL certificates may have additional features such as wildcard certificates (which can provide protection for multiple subdomains) or multi-domain certificates.

3. Reliability and Support:

Premium SSL certificates typically come with more reliable technical support and service level agreements. If you need professional support for setting up and managing your certificates, a commercial CA may offer higher quality support and responsiveness.

4. Insurance amount:

Some premium SSL certificates may provide an additional insurance amount to protect you against losses you may incur while using the SSL certificate. This coverage is often one of the additional services a commercial CA can provide.

Although free SSL certificates provide basic encryption capabilities, they are sufficient for general websites. But if you run an e-commerce website or need to demonstrate a higher level of trust, it may be more appropriate to choose a premium SSL certificate from a commercial CA. The final choice depends on your needs, budget, and security requirements.