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Category: Insurance


Tips for saving money 

1. Deductible Out-of-pocket costs generally increase from $250 to $1,000, which can reduce your insurance premiums by 15% to 30%. On average, there is only one car accident every 11 to 12 years. 2. Older cars have less insurance coverage Old cars do not need…


purchase of car insurance 

1. Before purchasing car insurance, please prepare the following information 1.  Card . 2. Driver’s license. 3. Passport number, the passport number is required. 4. Residential address. It is used to receive the confirmation letter after applying for insurance (it is useless, it is as…


Car Insurance Strategy 

There are three essential things to drive in the United States, that is, a driver’s license, a vehicle license and an insurance card. In case of a car accident, the amount of compensation and medical expenses will be terribly expensive, so no car insurance means…