Is it possible to choose the TOP domain name? After all, we have seen that some service providers are very cheap to register a new TOP domain name, and even use it for free for the first year.  Considering the cost, it is true that TOP domain names are cheaper, but how to choose between the two?

First, the basic situation of Top domain names

1. TOP is a new generic top-level domain name suffix. It is relatively new on the Internet and is not as widely used as COM.

2. TOP domain names are often seen as the “top” or “best” choices, and it may be easier to obtain short, concise and easy-to-remember domain names.

3. Since the TOP domain name is relatively new, it may not be as widely recognized and trusted as the COM domain name.

We can see that there are still not many websites built with TOP domain names.

Second, the basic situation of Com domain name

1. COM is the most common and widely used generic top-level domain name suffix. It has been around for a long time and is widely accepted and trusted in business and globally.

2. COM domain names are usually associated with commercial, corporate, organizational and personal websites.

3. Most people will add the COM suffix by default when entering a domain name in their browser, so the COM domain name may be easier for users to find and access.

Third, the difference between TOP and COM

If your website or business is closely related to commercial activities, corporate institutions, etc., or you want to gain wider recognition and trust, it is recommended to choose a COM suffix domain name.

If you are looking for a newer, unique and relatively uncommon domain name suffix, and your website or business is related to concepts such as top and best, you may consider choosing a TOP suffix domain name.

My personal suggestion is to choose COM, after all, it is universal.