Taking advantage of the classic VPS host replenishment, this time I bought a classic VPS host Dubai computer room VPS host for $10 a month. The classic VPS host Dubai computer room will only be available in May 2022. Before that, it has been DC6, DC9, Japan Softbank, Netherlands Unicom and other computer rooms. Due to the high speed of these computer rooms, they are basically out of stock.

The best-selling classic VPS host is the triple-network CN2 GIA E computer room VPS, which is also the most expensive. Especially in the case of relatively few CN2 GIA computer rooms in the past few years, the classic VPS host has been loved by everyone.

1. Classic VPS Dubai VPS Purchase

Website: https://www.bwh1.net

The price of VPS hosting in the classic VPS host Dubai computer room is relatively expensive, and you can only see cheap discounts when you are engaged in activities. Different packages of classic VPS hosting will also be different for the relocation of the computer room.

2. Classic VPS Dubai VPS Performance
This is the disk IO and computer room bandwidth of the classic VPS Dubai VPS. The disk IO speed is quite good, but it needs to be reminded that the IO of the newly opened VPS host will be fast, and it will slow down later.

The speed of the classic VPS Dubai VPS is really not good, but the purchase of the classic VPS Dubai VPS can be transferred to other computer rooms, such as the DC6 computer room of CN2 GIA, as well as the computer rooms of Softbank and Unicom in the Netherlands. .