As mentioned in the previous article, if we choose a cheap domain name, current domain name registrars still have many new registration promotions. However, the renewal may be more expensive. We can renew by transferring the service provider. So generally we register the domain name with the registrar, and then transfer it to other domain name registrars when renewing. Generally, what are the foreign domain name website platforms we choose?

In this article, I organize four commonly used domain name websites.

1. Dynadot

Dynadot, the reason I like this service provider is that it provides a relatively niche audience. Most people don’t know about this service provider. Its platform has many expired and missing old domain names that can be registered on its own platform. For those who need to register old domain names, I usually use this platform.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap, this platform is what I use most for newly registered domain names, SSL certificates, and corporate post offices. There are many discounts for new registrations and transfers. For example, I will register a new domain name on this platform, and if the domain name renewal on other platforms is expensive, I will transfer it to Namecheap. Of course, renewal here is more expensive, so I usually transfer out.

3. Namesilo

NameSilo, this domain name registrar was established around 2013. It is considered a rising star. New registration and renewal prices are similar, so new registration is not particularly cheap. The price will be relatively stable.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy, this domain name registrar should be familiar to us. It was once the platform with the largest number of domain names. Of course, we don’t know the data ranking now.
The above four domain name registrars are my commonly used foreign domain name website platforms.