Recently, we have seen many friends who have domain names or hosts on the GoDaddy domain name platform reporting that they cannot log in to the website. What’s annoying is that the official website cannot be opened. Many people think that the company has run away and closed down. In fact, this is not the case. It is caused by the official website being blocked. This is what we often call DNS pollution.

Through inspection, we can see that the domain name of GoDaddy’s official website is contaminated by DNS. It is definitely inaccessible from within the country.

If we need to transfer and manage the domain name host, you need to ask an overseas friend to help you log in and transfer the domain name to obtain the transfer code or management.

If the GoDaddy official website will not change the domain name or deal with it in the near future, we will try our best to change the domain name registrar. For example, we can use other domain name registrars.

Or we can log in to godaddy’s official website by using VPN.