We should be familiar with Amazon cloud service providers, especially some of the foreign trade business will have choices. The characteristic of Amazon cloud service providers is that the merchant’s brand will not run away at least, and its stability is better than that of ordinary service providers. At the same time, the merchant has provided more than a dozen data centers, which are suitable for localized business for overseas foreign trade business. Here, some friends need a remote desktop office visualization system. In fact, we can use a lightweight server to install the WIN system desktop, and then use it remotely.


We log in to the registered Amazon cloud server account. If our new customers register for the first time, there will be a light server for a certain period of time. Select Lighsail, then find Lightweight Servers.

Then select data centers according to your needs, including Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the United States, France, etc., including 14 data centers. Then select the system to choose Win, and there are three versions to choose from.

After creation, wait for Pending to be activated. After the completion, we can see the image information of the activated WIN system.

In this way, it takes about five minutes to open an Amazon cloud server WIN desktop with a lightweight server and a WIN system desktop.