When it comes to choosing cloud servers for foreign trade business, we must have learned about the two service brands Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud. How do we choose between Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud? In this article, Lao Jiang briefly understands the characteristics of these two cloud service providers.

First, new customer experience

If we are new customers and experience Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud service providers for the first time, they all provide free trial periods. Amazon Cloud provides EC2 cloud servers and lightweight servers, as well as hundreds of cloud products, ranging from short-term one-month to long-term twelve months and even permanently free. For example, cloud server EC2 provides 12 months of free service, and of course there are specific packages.

If we need to apply for a free trial period, we need to prepare a mobile phone number and credit card, and we need to accept the verification code and verify the credit card.

For Google Cloud Server, free quota applications are also provided.

Google Cloud provides dozens of cloud products such as cloud servers and databases. It also provides a $300 trial fee for new customers and includes a 90-day free cloud server experience.

Second, product comparison

Comparing Amazon Cloud products with Google Cloud products, of course there is no problem from the brand point of view. They are both products of mainstream Internet companies. There is no need to worry about stability or security issues. The only thing we need to worry about is the added value of the product and its suitability.

In comparison, Amazon’s cloud product ecology is richer. After all, it has been doing it for a long time and has sufficient manpower and material resources in marketing and development. Google Cloud products do not seem to be the main products, but of course some are being promoted.

If we only need an ordinary cloud server, we can experience both to see the stability and speed, including the ease of use, because the backend panels of Google and Amazon Cloud are different. Google Cloud products are more focused on cloud application development, while Amazon Cloud provides relatively full-featured products from basics to development. There are also more data centers including servers, and there are more choices for foreign trade business.