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Linode’s acquisition of Akamai completed 

If we have friends who are using Linode cloud servers, they should have received emails. Regarding the information about the acquisition of Akamai by Linode merchants, they should have completed the acquisition, or they will not release the information. Here we also read it at…


GoDaddy knowledge 

Many people think that building a website is impossible because they know neither code nor technology. In fact, building a website is not difficult, and you can easily have your own website without the foundation of building a website. Come to GoDaddy and create your…


Database knowledge 

1. The statements of the database can be divided into the following four categories: (1) DDL: Data Define Language, defines data (2) DML: Data Manipulate Language, to manipulate data (3) DQL: Data Query Language ,to query data (4) DCL: Data Control Language ,controls user permissions…