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VPN Tools

How to choose the right VPN 

There are many choices of VPNs on the market. For a person who is new to VPNs, choosing a VPN that suits him will be an important first step. You can choose from the following points. Number of servers: VPNs that offer more server choices…


Is there a permanent free cloud host 

Many of our friends will look for cheap or even free cloud hosting in consideration of saving the cost of cloud server usage. It is indeed undeniable that when we started our personal website in the early years, there were many hosting providers offering free…


Domain basic 2 

1. The structure of the domain name Primary name or sub-domain, second-level domain name, top-level domain name 2. Domain cybersquatting The act of preemptively registering a domain name in the name of the registrant before someone else registers it 3. Authority of Domain Name Management…


Domain Basics 

1. What is a domain name? A domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet. There are no duplicate domain names in the world, and the domain name is unique. Technically, a domain name is just a method…


Linode’s acquisition of Akamai completed 

If we have friends who are using Linode cloud servers, they should have received emails. Regarding the information about the acquisition of Akamai by Linode merchants, they should have completed the acquisition, or they will not release the information. Here we also read it at…