When you use an FTP client to connect to an FTP server, if you see a message similar to “227 Entering Passive Mode”, it means that the FTP server has entered passive mode.

In FTP transfer, there are two main modes: active mode (Active Mode) and passive mode (Passive Mode). In the active mode, the FTP client will send a data connection request to the server and perform data transmission on the connection. In passive mode, the server opens a data connection and notifies the client to use the connection for data transfer.

“227 Entering Passive Mode” is a response message sent by the server to the client, indicating that the server has successfully entered the passive mode and is waiting for the client to connect for data transmission. This message usually contains the server’s IP address and port number, which the client needs to use to establish a data connection.

When you see this message, the FTP client is trying to establish a new connection to transfer data through which files can be uploaded or downloaded. This is part of the data transfer in the FTP protocol and indicates that you have successfully entered passive mode.

Please note that this is only a part of the messages during the FTP connection process, and it will not affect your normal FTP file transfer operations.