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purchase of car insurance 

1. Before purchasing car insurance, please prepare the following information 1.  Card . 2. Driver’s license. 3. Passport number, the passport number is required. 4. Residential address. It is used to receive the confirmation letter after applying for insurance (it is useless, it is as…


Car Insurance Strategy 

There are three essential things to drive in the United States, that is, a driver’s license, a vehicle license and an insurance card. In case of a car accident, the amount of compensation and medical expenses will be terribly expensive, so no car insurance means…

Domain, Hosting

Hostwinds Snapshot Tutorial 

1. What is a Hostwinds snapshot? Snapshots are custom images of servers that can be used with Hostwinds servers. A snapshot captures a specific moment on the server and includes all data. You can use it on new server instances (copies of existing servers) to…

VPN Tools

How vpn work? 

It’s hard to describe how a VPN works unless some technical details are involved. However, for those who just want the basics, a VPN creates a secure tunnel from your device to the VPN server, straight to the World Wide Web. In more detail, a…

VPN Tools

How to choose the right VPN 

There are many choices of VPNs on the market. For a person who is new to VPNs, choosing a VPN that suits him will be an important first step. You can choose from the following points. Number of servers: VPNs that offer more server choices…


Is there a permanent free cloud host 

Many of our friends will look for cheap or even free cloud hosting in consideration of saving the cost of cloud server usage. It is indeed undeniable that when we started our personal website in the early years, there were many hosting providers offering free…